1. When someone is still eating at the table, wait for them to finish before cleaning up the table. If not, they would end up single
    That’s why you’re still single (jk). Well, we all know that it’s not true, we have sisters and brothers who’s always left in the table yet now is happily married.
  2. Fishbone stuck in your throat? Put a piece of fishbone in the top of your head and it will be gone.

Fishbone stuck in your throat? Put a piece of fishbone in the top of your head and smell like fish too.

  1. Ihip hangin
    It’s when you’re making ugly faces or flipping your eyelids inside out and wind breezes, you will be stuck in that state. We all know it’s not true.
  2. Drop a spoon, a male visitor will arrive. Drop a fork, and there’s a girl at your door.

Really? So when I got bored and alone I can drop all our eating utensils and they will come? We all know that this is really not true.




  1. You’ll sweep out all the luck if you sweep at night

    Maybe those who make this belief just lazy enough to sweep at night or maybe because when you sweep at night there is a tendency that you will not clean it completely due to dim light. It’s not true, the only thing you will sweep is the trash and bacteria in your house.

  2. When your nose is itchy, it means that someone’s kissing your photo.
  3. When you bite your tongue, someone just remembered you.

When this happens, choose a number between 1 and 26 – the first one that pops into your head. It has corresponding letter from the alphabet. Just think of a person you know whose name starts with that letter, the first person you will remember,  that’s the person who just thought about you. Well, sounds childish right?




  1. When you suddenly choke, someone’s talking about you.

If it’s true, maybe JADINE team, Pres. Duterte and other famous spend they whole day choking.

  1. When your palm is itchy, you shouldn’t scratch it. Instead, put it in your pocket. It means that money is coming your palm

When your palm is itchy you really should not scratch it or else you will get bruises, it’s not the money that is coming but virus because it might be itchy because of bacteria.

  1. Jump when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. They say that you will grow taller.

Oh. My sister always do that but her height is still in cute size.