It is hard to be a good leader to others especially if you are new in this field. Many people failed to be a good leader because they don’t know what the true meaning of it. You must give a motivational to others to pursue what they really need to do in life and if you are influencing the individual’s life to be a good person.

Inspirational quotes to be a good leader

A leader is a dealer of hope. Napoleon

The leader of one community must be a dealer of hope so the people can easily follow the orders that he/she will provide. A leader must not lost hope whatever happen to the surrounding of your community. You must show a courage to deal with the problem that you are facing.

People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision. John Maxwell

In our country many things happen especially if the election is coming. There are many candidates who is looking for a leader but they don’t have a clear vision for others. They are thinking first to win the battle rather than the vision that needs in one community. The true leader must think first what will happen to the individual of his/her community before his/her own good.

The best revenge is massive success. Frank Sinatra

There are many individual that suffer from the gossips of others. Others don’t know that if they say bad things about others, it may affect the way he/she live for the rest of his/her life. The one who suffer must use it to be a motivational to succeed in life. They must show them that they are not belong to the gossip that had been given to them.

Inspirational quotes to be a good leader

“Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others.” Robert Louis Stevenson

Being leader to others is not that just easy, it needs so many things to face it. It is hard to be a good leader if you don’t know what it is the meaning of a true leader. You can face many things especially fears that can effect of being a good leader, but you need to give courage to others. This is the specialty that you must provide to others so you can be a good leader to others.

“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.”  Eleonor Roosevelt

In making a decision to yourself use your head especially if it is about your future. You must use your head so that you can choose the right path for you. And in dealing with others you must use your heart so you can show the love that they deserve. You can deal with many friends but sometimes you may also use your head rather that heart especially if you love the person that does not belong to you.

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. Peter F. Drucker

Before you worry about doing things better, faster, cheaper, you should worry about whether you are even doing the right things. After all, who cares about doing things right, if you aren’t even doing the right things. Once you are doing the right things, then you can worry about doing things right.

 Inspirational quotes to be a good leader

Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off. Colin Powell

Good leadership involves responsibility to the welfare of the group, which means that some people will get angry at your actions and decisions. It’s inevitable if you’re honorable. Trying to get everyone to like you is a sign of mediocrity: You’ll avoid the tough decisions, you’ll avoid confronting the people who need to be confronted, and you’ll avoid offering differential rewards based on differential performance because some people might get upset.

Example is not the main thing in influencing other. It is the only thing: Albert Schweitzer

They say that example is main thing in influencing other but the truth is, it is just only a thing. There are many factors influencing other like care, sharing, love and many other that help a lot in influencing others. For me love is the main thing influencing other especially the love from GOD from the beginning of our life until the next life.

Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another. John C. Maxwell

People think that you are just a leader if you have a titles, positions or flowcharts, but the truth is you are a good leader if you can influence the life of others. Even if you just ordinary person in your community or even in your workplace you can be a leader especially if your doing can affect one’s life. Today, many individuals inspire the life of others that give them an inspiration to move and recover for a new life.

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” George Patton

Many people have Mañana Habit, especially a student if the teacher will give a project and the deadline is next week or the following week they will not start the project unless if it is not the day before the deadline. And those who are employee if the proposed project will be submitted next week they will do it 2 or 3 days before the deadline they are not thinking it  will worth it if it will submitted earlier. Many people have this sickness they are not thinking it will more effective and efficient if they will do it before the deadline come.