Here are some of the best motivational love quotes. You will feel inspired, loved and happy. These quotes will inspire you to become a better person.

 Different Motivational Love Quotes  - 1

1. Don’t turn a minor disagreement into a flat out war, sometimes you just have to let things go.

Instead of finding time to argue with others about the small things, we should find time to praise others about the small things. Even when people anger you, and seem to not care about how you feel, treat them with love, be kind, and show them what living life is really all about.

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2. Don’t keep running back to the one person that you need to walk away from. 

Getting over someone isn’t easy, but is in fact an obtainable goal. One must be willing to make a valiant effort to putting the focus that was once reserved for someone else on developing their lives and making themselves the best that they can possibly be. When you are getting over someone take time to learn about yourself again, re-learn who you are, and actively involve yourself in doing the things that you love. You must take the pain that you are feeling and channel it into energy in order to produce positivity in your own life.

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3. Some of the very things that we hold onto the most, are the very things that we need to let go of. 

Let it all out and let things go. Some things in our lives are just not worth holding on to, especially things that have happened in the past, because once they have happened, they can never be changed. Instead of living in the past, and thinking of ways to make things different, live in the present so that you may see all the opportunities and blessings that life has afforded you, despite how tumultuous your past may have been.

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4. If you’re still looking for a happy ending I suggest you start searching for a new beginning.

Realizing that there are huge differences between giving up and moving on is a huge part of becoming mature in life. A person with a considerable amount of wisdom is a person that knows when it is time to let something or someone go out of their lives.

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5. If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.

One of the biggest nuggets of wisdom that we have to learn to live a productive life is that saying goodbye is sometimes what we need so that we can say hello to opportunities in life that we otherwise would have missed. Sometimes we have to let go of people that are in our lives, and don’t really make us happy.

 Different Motivational Love Quotes  - 6

6. Bless the ones that walk away from you, they’re just making room for the ones that won’t.

Instead of filling a void by clinging to someone else, we have to deal with living a life with our best interests in mind, and prepared and committed to living a life on a search for inner fulfillment. When we are able to be filled ourselves, we are then able to help fill others, and pour into others.

 Different Motivational Love Quotes  - 7

7. You were happy before you will be happy after.

The realization that many of us are barely capable of seeing when we lose someone that we thought may be in our lives longer than they actually stayed is that our happiness isn’t dependent upon the actions of another person. Instead, we have to know in our hearts and in our own minds that we will only be happy if we choose to be, whether everyone that we desire to be in our lives is in them or not.