Have you ever had a puppy that you cherish as much as you do to your friends and loved ones? Here is a story from a friend about her puppy love.

You may still be a puppy, but I consider you a man's best friend. I am that man. And you are my best friend.

“It was Christmas when we went home to celebrate and drink with my cousins. It was our usual hang out every time there’s an occasion. We were unaware of our surroundings and only care about ourselves. It was holiday, who would dare interrupt a one-time happiness. The next day tho, we were waiting for our service. That was when our Grandma called us back and asked for help to look for the noise she keeps on hearing. When we got near, it was a crying sound of a puppy. Then I found her. She’s stuck at the small space between a pot and the under of the bridge. I bent down and grabbed her. I’m not actually fond of dogs, but when I saw Kuki, what I named for the puppy we found, I actually realized it was puppy love.”

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