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This quotes motivates the reader to be brave and strong no matter how hard the situation and no matter what happen on their life.

“If you never try you will never know”

if you never try something and you’re just afraid to try, or you’re just afraid to fail you will never know result if it is good or not failure is part of everything specially success .You can never taste the sweetest fruit of success if you will never try to go through the bitter hardship of everything is challenge , all you need to do is to accept it with open heart so you can overcome your fear, and at the end you will know the real answer in every try you made and everything has a purpose just know and deal with it.

“ Life will not always be easy, but it’s always worth living ”

Experiencing problems and trials is one of the challenges that life bring’s. Life is needed challenging but it is always worth it, there will always up and down, good times and bad times. We will experience having problems that will test how strong we are in handling a certain situation. It will let us know how brave we are to face the challenges that we are going through. By means of that, life teaches us lessons that will be beneficial for us in the long run.

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“ Laughter is the best medicine”

They said it is really true that laughter or being happy is one way to fell better or lessen our stress or depression from our surroundings, it is really important to have a happy and alive lifestyle to help us maintain good health. When ever we are in good mood, we can able to lessen or minimize the possibility of making our health condition worse, one of the benefit of laughter is that it is a free medicine for all of us. We don’t need to take medicine just to make us feel better but a natural way may also help, we can make people feel better when surrounded by people who are happy, and also we can forget the problems that we are experiencing when we learn to be happy.

“All ending are also beginning, we just don’t know it at the time”

Sometimes you are going to ask yourself, what do you prefer the sweetest lie that draw a smile? Or the saddest goodbye that will make you cry? It’s really hard to choose especially between something or someone that makes you happy or something or someone that will always make you cry but you’re always happy even if it is hurt you badly. To encounter different kind of people different faces and personality. This is all about on how you are going to deal with them , there is someone that you will meet along the way that maybe will play the biggest role, it depends upon if you are going to let that person to be in your life for some unknown reason. You will let them stay even if it is no label, the word “you and him” is just a dream, the story of both of you can be called real  but it is all just a real fantasy.

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“A single lie discovered is enough to create doubt over every truth “

Truth is one of the most important thing need to be kept. We showed not to do something that might lead to breaking the trust of someone else. It takes a long time for a person to gain trust but is indeed possible that it might be broken even in just a bunk of eye, everything can change even in a second or two. That is the reason why we need to nurture the trust that people gave us. Once the trust has been broken, there are already doubts that the person might do the something again.

“Maraming salamat sa pagbabasa ng aking nagawang mga pacute quotes , sana’y magpatuloy pa ang inyong busilak na pagsuporta sa GOD BLESS YOU ALL PO.”