One of the sweetest ways in love is to do more of what makes us happy, to tap into our positive emotions. But how many of us routinely stop and think about what that really means? Read these very simple ways and you will definite find it very satisfying.

 Reasons Why Love Is Something Sweet - 1

1. Love can be our inspiration but sometimes it is a poison that kills our ambition.

Yes, that’s right. The saying “sometimes, we lost our brain because of love, but sometimes we lost our love because we follow our brain” will definitely prove that is it right. Sometimes, love can be a little bit trouble when it comes in our study. Especially with the teens, they tend to experience to fall in love at a very young age. They thought it was love, that so-called “puppy love” instead. Teens are still in the stage of being curious in everything, curious of what love really means. So they wanted to feel what happiness it may bring even if it can cause distraction in their studies.

 Reasons Why Love Is Something Sweet - 2

2. Sometimes, falling in love was never in your plan. Until one day, you just realized you already love that person too much.

Falling in love is not a choice, it’s a chance. But staying in love is definitely a choice. Once in your life, you’ll meet someone who you would never think of falling in love with. Falling for someone who you just met, was sometimes never in your plan but it happens the way it was. It’s not supposed the way you want it, but it’s sometimes too late for you to back off, because you realized you already love that person too much.

 Reasons Why Love Is Something Sweet - 3

3. I miss sitting besides the person I love. Doing nothing, saying nothing but have the feeling of completely happy.

Missing someone that no longer be a part of our life can make us really weak. There came a point that we missed everything about them. The way they care about us, the way they make us laugh, and the way they talked about everything that comfort us. Sometimes, when we are with them, doing nothing and saying nothing can bring us the feeling of complete happiness because their presence is enough to make us feel safe and better.

 Reasons Why Love Is Something Sweet - 4

4. Do what makes you happy. Be with the person you want in your life. And live life to the fullest.

Doing the things that made you smile is one of the nicest feeling you’ll ever experienced. Life is extremely short. Spend your time effectively. Do what you like. If you do not like something, do not spend time doing it. You have limited time in earth. Use it in a way that makes you happy.

 Reasons Why Love Is Something Sweet - 5

5. The long distance relationship is never a problem of two lovers because if you really love each other your heart is always be together.

Being in a long distance relationship is very difficult compared to those people who are with their love ones. Because you may never know what is happening in his/her life without your presence around them. But come to think of it, isn’t it sweet if he/she still care for you no matter how far you are with each other? Isn’t it romantic if he/she still loves you and thinks of you every single minute even if it’s very hard to live without that very special person in our life? Well, we can say that being in a long distance relationship is not bad, as long as we love our partners and as long as we know how to wait.