Best Love Quotes from the Book “The Seven Laws of Love”

Laws of love 01

1. Holding a grudge doesn’t make you strong; it makes you bitter. Forgiving
Doesn’t make you weel; it sets you free.

Laws of love 02

2. Bitterness and love can’t live together in the same heart. Each day, we must
decide which one gets to stay.

Laws of love 03

3. When you say ‘I love you’ to someone, you aren’t just expressing your
current feelings; you are making a promise of commitment for your shared future.
Love, by its very nature, is always rooted in rock-solid commitment.

Laws of love 04

4. Lifelong love isn’t the result of compatibility. It’s the result of

Laws of love 05

5. You don’t have to trust someone in order to forgive them, but you do have to
forgive them in order to make trust possible again.

Laws of love 06

6. Loving someone doesn’t mean you agree with everything they do. It means that
your commitment to them is bigger than their differences and flaws.

Laws of love 07

7. Honesty is the first step towards intimacy. Every healthy relationship is
built on a foundation of trust.

Laws of love 08

8. Don’t treat people the way they treat you. Treat them the way God treats you.

Laws of love 09

9. Love unlovable people, because we have all been unlovable at times. People
usually need love the most in those moments when they deserve it least.

Laws of love 10

10. Love is an unconditional commitment to selflessly serve, truthfully
communicate, fearlessly protect, gracefully forgive, compassionately heal,
and enduringly reamin in relationship with and for the sake of another.