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Kapwa God Quotes
1. Kung ang Diyos may awa sa iyo, dapat ganoon ka rin sa kapwa mo.
Take away all the hatred and learn to forgive. We always heard these lines from other people when they were giving advices to others. It’s true that God’s love has no boundaries and it heals us. Mahirap magpatawad lalo na kung napakalaki ng kasalanang nagawa ng isang tao sa atin na nakaapekto ng husto sa ating buhay. Although, just remember that He was still there. Give all your sorrows to Him and let Him take the settling of scores for the wrongs that others have done to you. Clear all the sorrow and learn to forgive as time heals it all. Si God na ang bahala. Ipaubaya mo na sa kanya kung hindi mo na kaya.

Lumapit Diyos Tagalog quotes
2. kung may problema ka, wag ka malungkot! dapat nga matuwa ka kasi alam mo, mahal ka ng Diyos. gusto lang Nya lumapit ka sa kanya.
All the hardship that we undergo is just His way to strengthen us. Never lose your faith. Just call on Him and for sure He’ll reach out to you. Siguro nakakalimutan lang nating lumapit at tumawag sa kanya, o di kaya ay magpasalamat sa mga biyayang ating natatanggap. Maybe it’s just His way of reminding us that He was there. Or maybe it’s not His way but of others. Don’t be afraid because He was on our side not against us.

God Quotes Tagalog

3. Ang regalo ni God ang pinakaperfect sa lahat. Kaya be proud kung gawin ka niyang regalo para sa ibang tao.
He knows everything, all our needs and our doubts. Let’s trust His way and plans for us. We are always guided and blessed by His grace combined with all the blessings that we receive each day. His gifts were all wonderful. Be that kind of gift, something that when received by someone, they would be thankful that you’re that one that He had given to them.
Love Inspire God Quotes
4. Kung sa tingin mo naman walang nagbibigay ng love sayo. huwag na huwag mong kakalimutan si God! love na love ka nya.
Maybe sometimes, you had these doubts if God loves you. Maybe sometimes, you think that you’re alone. Maybe you think that nobody cares. Don’t you know that God is closer to you when you are in pain? He’s always beside you. He cares. He love all His creations either it was great or small. He value everything, specially you.

Magsolve Problem tagalog quotes
5. Binigay sau yang problemang yan dahil ikaw lang ang may kayang magsolve nyan.
There’s always a solution to every problem we encounter. What we need is the right mind to think for that certain solution. And who could give that knowledge? Only Him. He knows that you can survive because you’re strong enough to be tested. Besides, never be afraid of the future for He was already there. Trust in Him.

Kasiyahan Tagalog Inspire Quotes
6. Isama natin ang Diyos sa lahat ng LAKAD natin. tiyak TATAKBO ang iyong kasiyahan
Ask for His guidance. Either when we are going somewhere or making a difficult decision. Consult to Him and for sure, He’ll give you what’s the best while keeping you safe from any harm that might come into your way. Have him by your side and happiness will be yours. Walk with Him and all the bliss runs after you.

Lord Inspire God Quotes
7. Kung sakaling nawawala ka o kayay naliligaw sa daan ng iyong buhay. Dont worry Tumingin ka sa tabi mo. May Nakahawak sau .anjan lagi si Lord sinasamahan ka sa bawat paglakad na ginagawa mo.
Have you realized that you’re losing your track? Never be afraid. There’s always a hand that will guide you back to the right path. That hand will always be there to reach for you, keep you safe, bless you, and guide you all through your life. Keep the faith and drop your fears.