Another collection of Tagalog Love Quotes for your daily dose of love quotes that you will surely relate. Love is such a funny thing. It makes us sick even we are literally not. It changes our mood in an instant. In short, it has the ability to manipulate us in its own magical way. Have fun reading!
MInsan collection of Tagalog Love Quotes

1. Minsan may mga espesyal na tao sa buhay mo na kahit di mo siya kasama, makita mo lang picture niya masaya ka na.
It’s funny that person like them really exists. Someone that has an important role in our life that even their very own, simple picture could make us happy in an instant. It’s indeed amusing why we feel at ease just by looking at their picture even to some, it was pointless.

Magtatagal MInsan collection of Tagalog Love Quotes

2. Minsan, kahit anong pagpapaliwanag ang gawin mo, kung ayaw ka nya paniwalaan.. wala ka ng MAGAGAWA!!
No matter how hard you try to explain, if someone was so upset and disappointed over you, that person would never believe you. What’s best to do is shut your mouth for a while and have a moment of silence. Later then, if everything had been composed, you can now talk and have things settled. Tandaan, lumilipas rin ang galit.

Hinihintay Isusumbat Magtatagal MInsan collection of Tagalog Love Quotes
3. Ang mahirap sa pag-hihintay ay yung hindi mo alam kung may hinihintay ka nga ba.
Waiting is a sign of great love. But, there will always be buts. If you’re waiting for something which in the first place, you have no assurance, there’s a possibility that you’ll end up hurting yourself. It is true that trying and fail is better than never trying at all, but you should also use your head sometimes.

Isusumbat Magtatagal MInsan collection of Tagalog Love Quotes

4. Kung talagang mahal mo siya, lahat ng efforts na ginagawa mo, HINDI MO ISUSUMBAT!
Loving someone is when you learn to love without expecting to be love back like the way you did. Everyone have their own means of showing their affection to the ones they love. Never compare and never expect. Wag mo ring isusumbat ang mga bagay na ginawa mo para sa kanya. Love is not selfish.

Basurero collection of Tagalog Love Quotes

5. wag ka manloko na taong seryoso…ikaw din baka di ka umasenso dahil sa ugali mong basurero
As of now, bihira nalang ang mga taong seryoso. Think twice if you want to play games with someone who truly loves you. Once you lose them, you can never find someone like them again. And for sure, that person you’ve hurt before would never be the same person the next time you’ll met them.
Bad Basurero collection of Tagalog Love Quotes

6. Hindi mo kailangang maging mabait palagi. Ipakita mo rin ang bad side mo nang malaman mo kung sinong makakatanggap sayo.
Be real. You can never be the good guy every time. Nakakasawa rin maging mabait, considering the fact that we’re not born with unlimited supply of patience. Just be true to yourself. You know yourself very well and there’s no need to hide. People who truly care for you will never stop caring because they appreciate you just because you’re you. No more, no less.

Magtatagal MInsan collection of Tagalog Love Quotes
7. Kung parehas kayong marunong makuntento, siguradong magtatagal kayo..
One sure thing. Never look on other people the things that are not present on him/her. Nobody’s perfect. Everyone has their own flaws and differences. As long as contentment is present in a relationship, for sure everything will fall in their proper places. Be thankful that you have someone who will stand by your side through the test of time.