No matter how you try to make someone stay with you, if he has to leave, there’s nothing you can do about it. Though it really hurts because the only thing you’ve ever wanted is for him/her to stay with you. There’s no permanent in this world and that’s reality that everyone has to deal with. So, here is Tagalog Emo Quotes, another compilation of emo quotes that you can relate on. Read and have fun!

1. Wag mong sabihing mahal mo ako kung hindi naman totoo.. Niloloko mo na nga sarili mo, dinadamay mo pa pati ako!
Without lies, truth will never exist. Thus, never give a hundred percent trust on someone you just barely know. If you do, you can’t be sure that he was true to you. You’ll just end up wretched, hopeless when the time comes. It’s just unfair how they made you believe that they care when the fact was, they don’t.

Mahirap Tagalog Emo Quotes
2. Mahirap sumugal sa isang bagay na alam mong sa umpisa palang, talo kana.
It was indeed hard risking something you know from the start that you have a little chances of winning. But just remember that you’ll never know if you wouldn’t try. So, if you’re brave enough, go on. Take chances but just be prepared whatever the outcome.

Puso Ko  Tagalog Emo Quotes
3. Wala naman sakin kung hindi mo ko gusto.. Basta hayaan mo lang na alagaan kita sa puso ko.
You are free to love whoever your heart choses. It’s your right as a human with a soul and a heart of course. Just make sure that you are prepared even it was a one-sided love. Who knows, maybe that person doesn’t love you right now but someday, he/she would.

Darating Sabi Nila Puso Ko  Tagalog Emo Quotes
4. Darating yung araw na kapag naalala ko kung gaano mo ako nasaktan, ngingitian ko na lang.
Loving someone make us susceptible to pain. Isn’t it a bit unjust how love makes us the happiest person and hurt us at the same time? But time heals all the wounds of yesterday. Soon, everything will be memories in which you have the courage to smile because it happened.
Sabi Nila Puso Ko  Tagalog Emo Quotes
5. Sabi nila madalas daw masaktan yung mababait.. Tanong ko lang, Ganun ba ako kabait para saktan ng paulit ulit?
Nobody deserves to be hurt; everybody deserves to be love rather. But the thing is, you’re too kind that some people took advantage of your kindness. Learn to control your feelings and emotions. Give, but not all of what you have. Forgive, but remember what he/she did and learn from it.
Mali Mahirap Tagalog Emo Quotes

6. Buti pa yung mali ko pinapansin mo pero yung nararamdaman ko sayo dine-dedma mo.
He noticed you, that was the good part. He noticed your mistake, the sad one. Mistakes. That’s all that he noticed in you. What you feel? No. The reason? He doesn’t know you very well and he’s being selfish. Aside from that, he never noticed his own wrong, only yours. Maybe it’s best that you talk about it for the sake of your relationship. Everything is settled with good conversation.